Super hydrating and nourishing breakfast.

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Love, why did you choose a vegan lifestyle?


Because I wanted to live in a way I felt was right for me.
I wanted to live peacefully without sacrificing another’s life for my own.
I wanted to go to bed knowing my body is free from cruelty, fear and suffering.
I wanted to make a difference in a world which is backwards.
I wanted to live healthily and lower my chance of disease.

I’m vegan because I believe in it 100%

This weekend I’m house and dog sitting a little way out of the city near the beach. Since I have nothing I have to do nor anyone to see, I’m going to take this opportunity to focus on myself and my health. I’ve had chronic swollen glands for months now, and any time I miss a bit of sleep, or have too much alcohol, or get too cold, I end up getting sick! I get ill at least fortnightly, and quite frankly I’m extremely over it. So here’s my plan for the weekend:

• eat a huge amount of nourishing, vitamin packed foods
• drink 2-3L water per day
• take the dog for a short walk each day, but make sure I don’t overdo it
• rug up and stay nice and warm
• minimize processed, man made foods
• take plenty of my new herbal, immune boosting pills
• sleep LOTS
• no alcohol

I’m going to have a detox of some sorts; lots of fresh foods, minimal foods that may be aggravating or hard for my system to digest (gluten, soy etc - I’m also wondering if I may have some sort of food intolerance, my digestion has been so weird and out of whack for a while now), heaps of water, a little exercise, lots of rest. I also want to do lots of reading, and I definitely want to go and sit on the beach a couple of times, just to get a bit of grounding. The beach is my calming, happy place.

Does anyone have any experience with these sorts of chronic illnesses? Glandular fever in particular? Any advice anyone can give me on how to kick it once and for all?

treat yo’self! Spending my Friday night dogsitting for a very tubby old corgi, watching nice films and eating this AMAZING #coyo vanilla + nutmeg ice cream 👌🌿

Halp, I have a food baby!

Guys it’s only 12:30pm and I’ve been at work since 6:30am and seriously all I’ve done all day is sit on my butt and eat because I have like, no work to do. I’m in the biggest food coma I wouldn’t be able to do any work anyway hahah. Here’s what I’ve eaten so far:

• two bananas
• two pears
• an orange
• smoked almonds
• veggie chips
• wholegrain rice crackers w dip
• dried apricots
• carrot, apple, orange and ginger juice

And I still have some carrots and cherry toms to nom into later.. on second thought I might take them home and save them for dinner! I always overestimate how much food I’m going to need when I have one of these boring shifts where I’m on my own alllll day. Whoopsie!

Super-Extremely-Difficult-to-Understand Vegan Perspective on Cow Milk Consumption


>Cow milk is for baby cow

>You are not a cow

>You are not a baby

>Therefore, you should not consume cow milk

If people sat outside and looked at the stars each night, I bet they’d live a lot differently. When you look into infinity, you realize there are more important things than what people do all day.
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All beings tremble before violence. All fear death, all love life. See yourself in others. Then whom can you hurt? What harm can you do?
Buddha (via namaste-release)

I found my favourite spot in my boyfriends apartment. Ain’t nothin’ better than lying on the floor in the sun.

super early start to work (6:30am 😫🔫) on this Good Friday means a very fruity breakfast on the go {@nudiejuice carrot, apple, orange and ginger juice; two bananas, two pears and an orange} 🍊🍌