Anonymous asked:
So I've been eating hclf/rt4 and every time after dinner I feel like I eat too much and I get these stomach pains. It hurts a lot and I get bloated. But isn't it suppose to do the opposite? I eat stuff like potatoes, rice, beans, or pasta.

β€’ possible food intolerance - have you any knowledge of potential food intolerances/do you have any other symptoms?

β€’ poor food combining - look it up on google and see if you can incorporate some of this into your diet! I personally don’t bother with food combining, but it’s possible that you’re more sensitive to bad food combinations than others.

β€’ are you overeating? I know lots of raw food/801010/hclf people encourage eating lots at meal times, but if you’re not used to eating large volumes of food it would make you feel unwell! Perhaps build up to eating larger amounts by slowly increasing your portion sizes. Or eat more frequent, but smaller meals throughout the day!

Remember to listen to YOUR body, do what’s right for you! Experiment, find out what makes you feel good. Everyone’s bodies are different and require different intakes etc.

I hope this has helped a little!

b-e-l-l-e-v-i-e asked:
Your blog just brought me to tears. Thank you so much. You're so beautiful!

YOU’RE beautiful for taking the time to send me this! Thank you so much. I hope my blog has been able to help you in some way. Sending you lots of love and light x

#makeupfree selfie with my all time fave beauty product πŸ™Œ so happy to have this baby back in my life! I finally have rosehip oil again after running out a month into my overseas trip. My skin has been awful lately (unsure why), but the difference I’ve noticed since using rosehip oil again in the last week has been incredible! My skin has cleared up so much already. This brand is 100% vegan, carbon neutral and is not tested on animals. What you put on your body is just as important as what you put into it. Thanks for being wonderful @sukinskincare πŸ‘πŸŒΏ #naturalbeauty #alwayssukin

#myhappylunchbox // brown rice w mexican chickpea and sweet potato stew + lotsa coriander, and an @emmaandtoms raw cacao and orange bar 🌿

I’m so tired don’t make me go to work 😩 At least my OJ has revived me a little! 🍊 #plantpower #sleepyeyes

500mL fresh blood orange juice to start this chilly Wednesday β„οΈβœŒοΈ #happyhumpday

#myhappylunchbox ✌️ two just-ripe slightly spotty bananas, and pasta salad. I’m being a major meal repeater, might need to make something new for tomorrow 😏

Anonymous asked:
What was in the corn and chickpea salad?

β€’ tin chickpeas
β€’ tin corn kernels
β€’ celery
β€’ cherry toms
β€’ cucumber
β€’ red onion
β€’ coriander
β€’ sesame oil
β€’ soy sauce
β€’ cracked pepper

I just used up whatever veggies were left in the fridge! Simple and yum :)